Street Stock Rules

*For Mustang Rules see the “Mustang Specific” rules at the bottom of the page

General Rules

 1. Any rear wheel drive North American car 1955 and newer, including station wagons and rancheros, with a minimum 102″ wheelbase. Steel body cars only. 

 2. All doors must be bolted or welded shut. No manufactured door skins. 

 3. All interior panels must be left intact. Only inner door panels where the roll-over cage extends to meet the door skin may be removed. 

 4. Inner fender wells on front fender may be rem\to allow inspection of the front suspensions. Truck floor may be removed. 

 5. All flammable and breakable materials must be removed. All glass must be removed. Side and rear windows must be open and clear. No aerodynamic devices to keep air out of the cockpit. No tunneling or boxing in driver’s compartment. 

 6. Frame must body make-to-model, model-to-make, and year-to-year. 

 7. Inner panels may be removed on both the hood and the trunk lid. If trunk and hood hinges are removed, they must be secured with 4 pins, one in each corner. 

 8. All holes in driver’s compartment must be sealed. 

 9. Mirrors are allowed. 

 10. Aftermarket front and rear bumper covers allowed, stock in appearance. 

 11. No lead or beast. One automotive type battery per car. Battery must be securely mounted and in a sealed container if in driver’s compartment. 

 12. Body mounts must be stock height, but may be replaced with polyurethane or steel. Body mounts are not to be removed to lower the body on the frame. 

 13. Roll cage must be constructed of minimum 1 3/4″ X 0.095″ wall tubing. Cage must be mounted to steel plates as wide as possible and be bolted or welded to floor. Minimum 3 door bars on driver’s side. Front hoops are allowed. 

 14. Stock radiator saddle may be removed. Radiator protection must not be exposed or visible. Must be covered by grill or nosepiece. 

 15. Rub rails are allowed. Ends must be angled in so nothing can catch on them. No bigger than 1″ X 2″ or 2″ round tubing. Must be attached to body wheel well. Flush with bodying painted to match car. 

 16. Aftermarket plastic dirt nose allowed. May use tubular bumper under nose. Street stock Monte Carlo nose for sedans. Street stock Camaro nose for Camaro’s 70’s – 80’s version allowed. No late model or wedge style noses.


1. Engine must be stock to year, model and make of car, and must be mounted in stock position. Replacement is limited to availability in production year of car. Exception for the late 70’s or early to mid-80’s metric frame GM cars (Malibu, Regal, Monte Carlo, etc.) will be allowed to run engines up to 350 cid. No 400 cid small block Chevrolet engines in any cars under 112″ wheelbase, and must be available in that model and year of car. 

 2. 602 crate engine Ford & Dodge equivalent allowed. 

 3. Must use stock rods and crankshaft. 

 4. Stock replacement pistons only. Flat top or dished pistons only. No domes. Pistons must have 4 valve reliefs where applicable. 

 5. Cylinder heads must be in stock condition. Small block Chevrolet 305 cid heads may be used on a 350 cid engine, but must retain stock value size, or maximum 1.84″ intake 1.5″ exhaust. All other small block Chevrolet heads will be a maximum vale size of 1.94″ intake and 1.5″ exhaust. No “double bump” heads. No Vortec heads. No angle plug heads. No machining, grinding, porting or polishing. No port matching. Stock casting lines and flash must remain and be visible. 

 6. No enlarging of push rod holes. Technical officials will have final say on whether any cylinder heads have been illegally machined. Valve train components must be stock as produced. No 1.6 rocker arm on small block Chevrolet. 

 7. Cast iron intake and down draft headers with mufflers. No Corvette intake. Aftermarket intake allowed, single plane only. 

 8. All cars must run an unmodified Holley 4412.2 barrel carburetor. May use 1″ adaptor plate to mount Holley 4412 or 2 barrel Rochester 2G, 2GC, 2Gv max 500 com, Choke may be removed. No aftermarket or OEM performance camshafts. Hydraulic lifters only. Small block Chevrolet maximum lift .390″ intake and .410″ exhaust. No hydraulic roller cams. No overhead cams. Camshafts must have stock durations. 

 9. Mechanical feel pumps only. No aluminum feel pump push rods. 

 10. No performance ignition box. Stock coils only. MSD street fire distributors, HEI style single wire power only. 

11. Stock hood scoops must be blocked off. 

12. No aftermarket oil pans. No Accu-sumps. 

 13. No aluminum water pumps on Chevrolets. 

14. Maximum compression ratio is 9.0 to 1, no tolerance Compression ratio checked using whistler. Illegal cars will be able to run for one weekend but they give up any points, payouts or trophies. They are expected to be legal on the race weekend.


*No snow or truck tires. 

*Tires can be of the following two Maximum V-rated tires choices: 

1. Maximum tire size 255/60r15 (must run 60 series. – OR – 

 2. Hoosier #36103 and Hoosier #36105. Only the above Hoosier tires will be allowed. No other DOT racing 

*Steel wheels ONLY maximum 8″ width. Stock wheels must be reinforced or double centered. Approved racing wheels are recommended 3″ wheels are recommended. 3″ Wheel offsets are allowed, but must be the same on all four wheels. 1″ wheel nuts are mandatory. A single 1″ spacer can be used on the right rear ONLY to keep the tires from rubbing on the inner fender.


1. Minimum ground clearance of 6″ measured at lowest part of frame. 

2. No altering of suspension parts. All components must mount in stock location using stock adjustments. Maximum of 1-1/2″ camber on right front wheel. 

 3. No weight jacks or spaces.  

4. One unaltered steel, non-adjustable, non-take apart, OEM-mount shock, in OEM location, per wheel racing shock/spring allowed in factory mount position. 

 5. Stock sway bars permitted if mounted with stock compartments. No rear sway bars on cars under 113″ wheelbase. No manufacturing of rear sway bar mounts. Maximum front sway bar size for Camaro, Firebird and Nova is 15/16″ .

7. Polyurethane or steel suspension bushings that replace stock rubber bushings are allowed.

Fuel System

 1. Approving racing fuel cell to a maximum of 12-gallon capacity. Must be mounted in trunk area as far forward as possible. Tank is to be mounted so as not to slide or shift. Fuel cell and fuel cell cage must be a minimum of 12″ off the ground. All fuel cages and mountings are subject to approval. 

 2. No gravity feed fuel lines. All lines must exit the top of the tank. 

 3. Vent lines must have a check valve. 

 4. No fuel lines in drivers compartment of vehicle. A steel firewall must separate the driver from the fuel cell.


1. Radiators must be mounted in stock location and have a minimum 1 liter catch can. 

 2. Electric fans allowed. 

 3. Aftermarket aluminum radiators are allowed. 

 4. Larger radiators may be used, but must mount in stock location without major modification.


1. Stock brakes only. No brake bias adjusters. 

2. Brakes must operate on all four wheels.


In efforts to give the ford racer more competitive options. The 1982 and newer Mustang and Capri Models are now included in the Street Stock Class. This model of Ford Cars must conform to current Street Stock rules and to “Mustang Specific” rules as listed below: Engine 

1. Ford crate engine allowed. 

2. Maximum 302 cubic inch (5 litre) engine plus .030 overbore allowed. No stroking or de-stroking. Standard production car blocks only. No SVO, GT-40 or Boss engines.

3. No grinding connection rod beams. Must use stock rods and crank shaft. 

4. Flat top or dish pistons only. No domes. Stock replacement pistons only. Must have 4 valve reliefs where applicable. No light weigh pistons. No two ring pistons. 

5. Stock cylinder heads. Maximum size 1.78 intake and 1.48 exhaust. Minimum combustion chamber size 58cc. 

6. Stock valve train and rocker arms, etc. 

7. Single plane aftermarket aluminum intake allowed. 

8. No aftermarket or OEM Performance camshafts allowed. Hydraulic lifters only. Flat tappets only. No roller cams. Maximum lift .381 Intake and .395 Exhaust. Maximum duration 183 degrees Intake and 192 Exhaust (Ford#D50Z6250A, Levite 774).