Stock Truck Rules

  1. any 1960 and newer, full size 1/2, 3/4 ton, stock pickups with steel bodies. no four wheel drives
  2. stock frames may becross braced (optional) with no other alterations to stock frames allowed.
  3. all bodies are to remain stock and intact. Exceptions to this rule are inner door pannels, which may be removed to accomodate roll cage and inner fender wells. The original floor boards and fire walls must remain intact with all holes covered with steel or aluminum.
  4. trucks with wodden box floors must be replaced with minimun 1/8″ steel sheeting
  5. stock tail gates may open but must be pinned in two locations
  6. spoilers, wings, hood scoops, after market nose/tail or anything else that alters the appearance of the truck may be added. The hood can be skinned but no open hole. No skirts and fender flares you may not alter body style
  7. truck box covers may be added if they are hinged for easy access and pinned. No cloth coverings, steel or aluminum only
  8. all doors will be welded, bolted or pop rivited shut.
  9. original factory bumpers in the stock location are to be used. No manufactured bumpers are permitted and no reinforcing of the bumber outside the frame mounts with more than two 1″ or less tubes. Bumper ends are fastened to the body panels to prevent hooking. Step side trucks must have two 2″ x 1/4″ steel straps on each side. Factory bumperettes are allowed but they must be boltedon.
  10. suspension pieces will be stock OEM parts, in the stock location with stock mounts. One stock shock mount per wheel. No weoght jacks, sliders or any other after market mountings are permitted. Racing shocks may be used. All shocks to be rubber mounted
  11. differentials must be stock to vehiclewith stock mountings. Can use Ford 9″ if wantedfor any model truck. No quick change re eneds. Absolutely NO after market rear ends or floaters.
  12. fuel cells will be mounted between the frame rails
  13. batteries will be securely mounted in the truck box or marine box or steel box with straps
  14. wheels must be one piece steel, maximum 10″ wide with mandatory 1″ steel nuts, no bead locks. Wheel studs will be 1/2″ or larger
  15. tires will be DOT approved radials maximum of 275 mm width on 10″ wide rims only. Hoosier G60 dirt tires will be allowed on 8″ wide rims only
  16. OEM brake pieces only. All 4 wheels must be stopped and functioning at any time if requested. No after market systems such as proportioning valves or shiut off valves.
  17. trucks can be lowered by springs or blocks. No after market spindles.

Powertrain (Carburated)

  1. $100 protest rule in effect
  2. 5.7L GM, 5.8L Ford, 5.9L Dodge max size with .060″ over bore allowed. Stock blocks
  3. any production cast heads allowed. SWtock, no porting or polishing of ports allowed.
  4. one 4 barrel stock production carburator allowed, or Holley 4412 with 1″ adaptor plate allowed
  5. aluminum after market single planelow rise manifold allowed
  6. headers allowed. Exhaust must exit behind driver. Mufflers are mandatory
  7. radiators must be stock OEM type for the vehicle that they are in and must be mounted in stock location. Racing radiators allowed
  8. flat top pistons with 4 valve relief are allowed. No dome pistons allowed
  9. camshafts can be upgraded to a maximum of Comp Cams 260H grind is allowed
  10. stock fuel pump only or stock electric fuel pump allowed murphy switch and adjustable fuel pressure regulator tuned to 5 psi
  11. transmission must be stock to the truck they are in. Standard transmissions musr use stock clutch and fly wheel. All vehicles must be able to be engaged in gear and disengaged. No direct drives allowed