A few simple thoughts from a old school promoter!

A old man was at a dirt track sitting in the grandstands watching the races when a young man sitting close to him said to the old man “ can you believe this place they have a low car count the payout to racers is low and hardly anyone in the stands hamburgers are $4.00 at this place & they want to charge us $11.00 to come watch! we should just boycott this place”

Old man looks at the young man “son did you ever go to a boxing match or a Nascar race or maybe a nfl football game or wrestling event the young man says “Sure old man I been to all them things they are awesome” old man reply’s I happy you have so much fun there but I wonder why you sit here and list in detail everything about this lil ole country Track that you don’t like but you and others like you go to a concert or wrestling or monster truck show and you travel hundred miles or futher to go to and don’t get home to the wee hours in the morning and the event may last two hours and you will pay $35.00 to $150.00 per person to go watch and then pay them $10.00 for a spot to park your car and while you are there you will go get you a hamburger that will cost you $8.00 or more and a coke $5.00 or more and popcorn another $6.00 & I have not heard you say a word bad about that event what so ever! Them events you are paying so much for them owners & or promoters have no clue who you are or who you Family is when is the last time you went to one of them events and see them pass a hat around to collect needed money for someone that frequents their events or say a pray for your loved ones or a moment of silence or maybe a memorial race in their memory! when have you see the promoters of such big events throw a fan appreciation night like nearly all your Lil ole dirt tracks do at least once a year, when’s last time you see them let the little ones bring their bicycles and power wheels and hand out Trophys to the winners free of charge, when’s the last time you seen big productions do a Easter egg hunt or a nickel / candy toss or costume contest with hundreds of dollars in special event cost for prizes and or candy ect.. 

But you want to sit here and gripe about how much this small time promoter is making at this track! I am not saying you should go kiss up to him for what he does cause I can assure you he does this for three reasons 
1- he Loves the Sport
2- he likes to see people have fun
And last but not least 
3- he loves to see kids with smiling faces

So if you think he charges to much and makes to much money maybe you need to sit down and figure up just how much money that man has invested in this ole dirt track and what the insurance cost and the electric bill cost and maintance cost are and all other bills that go with this place! 

Then maybe you will see just how unselfish he is and how much that promoter loves this sport and that he is only trying to keep alive this great sport for future generations to enjoy! But when you and others go around and bash the Track every chance you get to everyone you see in person or on social media! Why would you expect there to be a good crowd here! Son if you really love this sport and you must cause I see you here nearly every week and I see your eyes light up when your favorite driver passes the leader! why don’t you try to help this great sport instead of killing it these small town dirt tracks are struggling as it is they sure don’t need any help from you to shut them down! Why don’t you tell everyone how much you love the sport and how this little ole dirt track on the edge of town is struggling and could really use their support and tell them All the great things they do every time them gates are open and ask them to tell their friends come support this wonderful sport filled with so much stuff for the family to have fun locally!

One more thing son I know you are a collage grad with degree and all and probably don’t care what a old man that did not even graduate high school has to say but if you take just one speck of advice if you truly love this sport as much as I do then when you leave here you go talk this Track up for 1 year every day and every week in person and on social media and when you see someone bash the Track get them to the side explain to them how what they are doing is killing the sport and please reframe from bashing something you love and that nothing is perfect but this ole dirt tracks all we got and we ain’t getting any more. then you come back here in exactly one year and look around and you will see more seats in these stands filled you will see improvements being made to this run down ole dirt track and you will see more cars racing and even more things done for the fans and the kids. 

Son the bottom line is you see that old man up there he has the title of the promoter but in my humble opinion he is not the true promoter he is the caretaker! the gate keeper so to speak, a person that for a short period of time will watch over this great sport! a person that has more often than not has chosen to sacrifice his life to work longer hours and be harassed and lied on and basically ridiculed year after year for much less money than he could make doing a job he don’t love as much as dirt track racing, so you see he is just the person that loves this sport enough to keep it alive for future generations you my Son and others like you are the promoters of this ole dirt track and other Lil dirt tracks like this one! So next time you want to bash this ole dirt track just bite your lip and think is this helping the problem or I creating the problems and if you start to fix the problem others will follow and once again you will see these Little ole country dirt tracks start to boom again otherwise you will someday see all these lil ole dirt tracks gone forever

Wayne Tidwell