Spectator Safety

While every possible precausion to assure the safety and improve conditions for spectators has been taken, the following common sense rules must be observed to make your visit safe and enjoyable.

1. Racing can be dangerous.  One of the conditions of your admission to this event is recognition of that fact.  the management assumes no liability for the injuries to body or property arising from any accident occuring during a motorsport event.

2. Do not touch the fences at any time.

Fences indicate the closest safe distance to the track for all specators

3. Please keep children under strict control.  Make them aware of possible dangers and watch them at all times.

4. Always be ready to move quickly if it becomes necessary.

5. Please obey all instructions of the Official Track and Motorsports Personnel as well as Track Volunteers.

6. Make yourself aware of First Aid, washrooms and concessions.

7. When pit entrace is permitted, watch for moving vehicles, hot exhaust pipes and radiators.

8. No achohol is permitted in the pit areas

When the day's events are over, please use caution when leaving the parking lot.

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